Energy Saving

  • Solar panels
  • Industrial / Commercial / Residencial


    They are manufactured with silicon blocks that are cylindrical in shape, these have the highest efficiency rates since they are manufactured with high purity silicon, in fact their guarantees are up to 25 years and we can formally differentiate them because the monocrystalline ones have rounded edges .


    These panels have a greater resistance to overheating and their operation is optimal in usually hot climates. They are formed by the union of several silicon crystals, they are those panels with dark blue cells, these panels do not require special maintenance, just keep the cells clean to optimize their operation.

  • Installations
  • Industrial – Commercial/ Electric Transformers / Capacitor Bank

    • The electrical installation supplies energy in different ways, this requires a thorough control both for its installation and for its maintenance by them we give you the best solutions at your fingertips.
    • Installations in High, Medium and Low Voltage
    • We have electrical transformers to convert, change or adjust medium and low voltage voltages; This will allow you to use energy safely without frying your equipment or damaging the building’s electrical system.
    • Energy Quality Analysis
      • We monitor the customs of electric energy use of your company to detect improvements in the reduction of consumption and thus generate a direct saving of at least 12% with measurable and sustainable actions.
      • With our studies, you can know your return on investment before making

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