Solar Panel

Energy Saving

Also known as solar modules, they are devices that capture and harness sunlight (as a source of energy) to convert it into electrical current. They are made up of solar cells, which are what allow us to take advantage of sunlight and convert it into electricity so that the human being can use it for different purposes.

The light particles (known as photons) come into contact with the top layer of the cell and it absorbs them into the structure. The photons come into contact with the electrons (atomic particles of negative charge) that are in an intermediate layer and release them towards the layers formed mostly of silicon. The electrons flow through metallic circuits that connect several cells to each other (forming modules, which in turn form panels) and then are directed towards a converter so that they can be harnessed as the electrical energy supplied by the light companies.


You can save more than 97% of the billing for electric power.

It is a 100% renewable energy that prevents the emission of CO2.

The panels have a guaranteed useful life of 25 years, have UL and FIDE certifications.

Excellent returns on your investment with an operation of more than 25 years

Turnkey projects, where the user does not have to do paperwork and only enjoys the savings of his solar system.


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