Startup support, in Chanchung China

  • PLC programming
  • IO Verification
  • Verification of the standard
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Design, development and integration of a conveyor with a camera system to verify the position of the pairs and prevent damage to the engine locations.

Design, development of logic in PLC that controls a material handling robot with a special clamp that inserts a small part into different types of holes in the motor.

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2017 to 2018

Electrical diagram development 18 robots and 10 stations with multiple accessories, all divided into 3 PLCs with safety application 4 panel design, wiring diagrams.

  • The development of an offline program for the 3 PLC with standard rules provides it to the customer
  • Programmable lines of ensemable

10 stations that involve:

  • 9 material handling robots to supply parts in the geometry station and multiple sections.
  • Glue application function.
  • Production support at startup.
  • Support in electrical installation.
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  • Implementation of savings projects optimizing processes, waste, scrap and efficiency in injection, coextrusion and plastic extrusion machines.
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Integration of the safety system in the body shop using the PILZ and Allen Bradley control systems Integration to 6 lines for bodywork.

  • Rear floor
  • Main floor
  • Front floor
  • Bottom lines
  • body side
  • Pallet manager above
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  • Design and integration of glass packaging line.
  • Electrical, mechanical and installation design
  • Start manufacturing of packaging cells for glass containers.
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  • Stability project with process control of plastic extrusion, injection and coextrusion lines
  • Reduction of waste and waste.
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Design and integration of security guards

  • Stamping press
  • Packing machines
  • Spring winding machines.
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