FCA to integrate model MP

A case study in Toluca, México

Comau is an Italian industrial automation company that, as a system integrator, specializes in
improving corporate manufacturing processes and automation.
They were awarded a major contract with FCA to integrate the new model MP with existing

  • SectionsThe project involved modifying standard programs and Safety programs for:

    Rear floor

    Main floor

    Underbody lines

  •  Body sideOverhead pallet manager

    Framer line

  • Project Overview1. Create a new logic Application to integrate 72 new robots into the existing network.

    a. NACHI, ABB, and COMAU.Robots

  •  Material Handler robots
  •  Welder robots
  • Gluing and Sealing Gun robots

2. Start up and integrate multiple application Emerson Unidrive

3. Remove Nachi robots and integrate Comau robots to the existing line.
4. Significantly improve the cycle time
5. Develop logic to incorporate new variants.
6. New interfaces to communicate with new robots
7. Train maintenance staff to work with new integration and support lines

This project Control Manager, Javier Hernandez, has many notable strengths, including task
delegation and team building.

His initial challenge was assembling a team of engineers automotive experienceready to take
full advantage of the Legacy Comau Standard’s Open information protocol.

To increase stability and safety, an existing PILZ PS3000 controller was programmed to
oversee a Nachi robot that could integrate Comau robots into every line. A function Block was
developed and modified so each of six lines would have at least three PILZ processor.

  • The Hernandez team● Removed the existing application

    ● Created and started up the new application

    ● Modified the existing application to run a safety device featuring

  •  Safety Switches
  •  E-stop
  • Deadman devices
  • Light curtains by Zone
  • Laser Scanner
  • Work zone
  • Interlock to connect safety PLC zones to muting Functions, and
  • Safety lock gate

The PLC standard programs were developed at Studio 5000

Hernandez held meetings with the PLC programmer who accepted the challenge of Improving
the safety application to cover six Body Shop lines.
He also showed the Control Manager how to more efficiently integrate all activities using

Procedure Analysis software, enhance the most important logic with the new concepts, and
finally test everything for optimal safety with appropriate software.
1. Read logic.
2. Understand function application logic.
3. Integrate new logic without jettisoning the most useful existing logic.
4. Debug logic and test it
5. Release new function application logic.
6. Develop functional application logic for new Comau Robots (PILZ PS3000).
7. Add new safety devices (safety switch, light curtain, safety gates, laser scanner, and
functionality) to the standard.

Relant Automation was pleased to have the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective and ideas
to the Comau project. Working closely together, they thoughtfully accomplished each task and
demonstrated steady progress step by perfectly executed step.
Everyone involved in this demanding project shared the strong sense of commitment and
teamwork which guarantees eventual success to even the most complex project..