PLC Programming

Design and implement a programmable logic controller (PLC) for its process or . update its industrial processes system through programming, installation, maintenance, integration to industrial networks for the development and conservation of automated and control systems.

  • Help and advise the project team in the development.
  • Develop programs offline or on site
  • Design, diagnose, modify and repair electrical control systems.
  • Perform quality control and safety inspections to ensure the project is complete.
  • Design ladder circuits in PLC to obtain a better result in improving line efficiency.
  • Solve and correct problems with existing PLC programming and ladder logic

    Experience -Know how

      • Siemens – Rockwell
      • Tesla – GM – Stellantis
      • Volvo – BMW – Mercedes Benz


      • VASS 5 – VASS 6
      • Integra Wave 5  – Integra Wave 6

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